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Let Us Help You Create an Advertising Plan in Just 3 Easy Steps

  1. Determine which type of ad you would like to place (option details below) and for how many months.
  1. Fill out and fax in the ad contract with billing details by the 12th of the month prior to the issue you want to begin advertising. (e.g. Jan. 12 for the Feb. edition). Need help with ad design? Let us know by the 10th and our ad designer will contact you to discuss options and fees, if applicable. Questions? Call Gail at: 203.988.1808. Fax: 203.488.8523.
  1. Feel good/confident knowing your ad is being seen by readers throughout the region who are interested in the products and services you offer!



Deadline for ALL ADS is on the 12th of the month

Display Ads

Deadline is the 12th of the month   |   See our Media Kit

Our goal is to provide a wide spectrum of advertising options so that all sizes of businesses can effectively use Natural Awakenings Magazine to promote their products and services. Ads (color or black and white) range in size from a 1/12 page small square to full-page spreads, with many sizes and orientations in between. For guidelines see Media Kit.

For more info contact

Classified Ads

Deadline is the 10th of the month   |   Submit a Classified Ad

These are brief, concise text ads. They are a perfect option to advertise space or rooms to rent, special opportunities, help wanted, etc. These community event listings are $25 for up to 300 characters and spaces, and 15¢ for each additional character or space. Written as a single paragraph, the first few words are in BOLD CAPS to draw attention to key information.

Community Resource Guide (CRG) Ads

Deadline is the 10th of the month   |   Submit a CRG Ad

The CRGs are in a special section at the back of the magazine which lists advertisers by category for readers who are looking for specific products or services.

CRG listings typically include four header lines for contact information, a brief description written as a single paragraph and a headshot photo or logo, which helps readers establish a personal connection and/or familiarity with you/your company.

CRG Ads are available by six-month and twelve-month contract only, and are billed monthly. CRG Ad prices include one photo or logo and up to 400 characters. See CRG Submission form for six-month and twelve-month rates.

Display advertisers receive a discounted rate off corresponding contract periods.

For more info contact

Calendars of Events

Deadline is the 10th of the month   |   See our Calendar Guidelines

Our calendars contain listings for classes/workshops, meetings, seminars and other events. These community event listings are $15 for up to 300 characters and spaces.

Display advertisers with 1/6 page and larger ads, and Community Resource Guide (CRG) advertisers with display ad receive five free listings per issue.

Display advertisers with 1/8 page or business card size ads, Community Resource Guide (CRG) advertisers without display ad, and Mark Your Calendar advertisers receive two free calendar listings per issue.

DAILY Calendar offers listings by specific date. Submissions should include: event title, time, description, cost, location and contact information, in that order.

Submit a DAILY Calendar Listing

ONGOING Calendar offers listings by day of the week, for events that occur on the same day each week for a minimum of three months. Submissions should include: event title, time, description, cost, location and contact information, in that order.

Submit an ONGOING Calendar Listing

To revise or discontinue an existing ongoing calendar listing,
please email

Mark Your Calendar Ad

Deadline is the 10th of the month   |  Submit a Mark Your Calendar Ad

These text ads appear in the calendar sections. They are a great option for drawing extra attention to your event, ensuring people “save the date,” or advertising events outside of the region to draw audiences from a larger geographical area.

Mark Your Calendar Ads are $70 for up to 400 characters and spaces, plus 15¢ for each additional character or space. Mark Your Calendar advertisers also receive two free Calendar listings.

Annual Natural Living Resource Directory

Early Discount: Order by December 7th  |  Submit an Annual Resource Directory Ad

Each February, Natural Awakenings Magazine prints a Natural Living Resource Directory chock full of descriptive information on a variety of modalities used to enhance health and wellness. This annual directory is intended to serve as a reference for readers year-round, and, is, therefore, also filled with local advertisers sharing information about their offerings.

For more info contact

Special Directory Listings

We often publish pages with specific directories, such as Yoga/Pilates/Fitness or Healthy Eating. To find out more about this option, contact us at

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