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JUNE 2016

Fitness and…Mobility:
Range of Motion Through Myofascial Release May Trump Hard Effort
by Megan E. Richey

When we think of fitness, what first comes to mind? How fast and far we can run? How much weight we can lift in the...

Confronting the Gynecomastia Epidemic:
Hormonal Shifts and Toxicity Cause New Concerns for Men
by Kurt Waples

It is no secret that the United States is the heaviest nation on Earth. Of the developed nations, we are among the sickest and consume...

Gain Strength and Confidence with Aerial Arts by Ashley Popoli and Ariana Rawls Fine

The words “pole dancing” typically spark mixed emotions and pre-conceived notions; some jump right to stereotypical stripping, while others tend to be a bit more...

MAY 2016

Losing Weight After Menopause is Possible by Dr. Jenna Henderson

One of the biggest health challenges for women over 40 is achieving or maintaining a healthy body weight. There may be pressures from social standards to be thin; even without...

You Need a Magnifying Glass to See the Truth by Bruce and Kelly Francisco

Many years ago, we were less likely to question if lead in paint or asbestos in products were safe. Yet, years later, many are suffering from various diseases resulting from past exposure...

APRIL 2016

Taking Deep Breaths: Fighting for Air and healing in Connecticut by Quinlan Mitchell

Since it’s practically invisible, many people take the air they breathe—and its quality—for granted. Not Sharon Jones. She’s the executive director of an environmental justice...

Qigong: From Stress to Calm by Lamont D. Thomas

Every year on the last Saturday in April, hundreds of thousands from around the world gather at 10 a.m. in respective time zones for World Tai Chi Qigong Day (WTCQD)...

Green Coffee is Good Coffee: Why Sustainability Should Matter to You by Ben Shanbrom

Coffee is amazing stuff. Setting aside for just a moment the burst of flavor a perfect espresso casts on the tongue, or the crucial morning wake up call it offers many of us...

Allergies and the Chiropractic Connection by Dr. Peter Branglia

Somewhere along the line, we started believing that seasonal allergies were normal—a notion perhaps supported by the endless bombardment of allergy drug commercials. We started believing that...

MARCH 2016

Permaculture Can Help You AND Your Garden Grow by Quinlan Mitchell

Helen Loughrey spent most of her life in Maryland before relocating three years ago to Greenwich. In the front yard of her old house Loughrey designed and worked a garden...

Healing Chronic Pain: Natural protocols Offer More than Symptomatic Relief by Angela Pascopella

Diabetes, heart disease and cancer affect tens of millions of Americans and are referred to as epidemics in our country. However, as a condition chronic pain affects more people than...

Move Your way Out of Chronic Pain by Dr. Kevin Healy

It’s 4:30 in the morning, about two hours before you’re meant to wake up. Nature has called so you sleepily make your way from the bed to the bathroom. Owing to the early hour,...

Hypnosis: A Complimentary Healing Modality by Catherin Gambardella

Mention hypnosis and most people think of a person being put into a trance with a swinging pocket watch thanks to Hollywood. But, in reality, it’s far from that image. The truth is...


Connecting the Dots: Metabolic Syndrome and Leaky Gut by Brendan Gaughran

Leaders in the Medical Community better understand how today's common diseases are linked. Compromised gut health leading to a toxic liver is the pervasive and determining factor underlying many ailments.

Cohousing in Rocky Corner:
Creating Sustainability and Community
By Ariana Rawls Fine

Cohousing is defined as intentionally building collaborative housing and personal interactions into the design and operations of a community. Learn more about creating a sustainable, interconnected community and details about the first cohousing community now underway in rural Bethany Connecticut (approximately twenty minutes from downtown New Haven).

Local Sustainable Fruits and Where to Pick Them,
plus CT Guide to Picking Your Own
By Eileen Weber

Connecticut is home to 87 farms with pick your own acres. Read about the farming practices of several interviewed local farmers in Connecticut. Many of the farms are family-owned and multigenerational. Looking for local farms to pick your own fruit? Check out our Connecticut Guide to Picking Your Own (PYO)./p>


Sensitively Preparing Youth for the Real World by Melinda Alcosser and Maria Mortali

The Connecticut Experiential Learning Center (CELC) located in Branford, CT provides middle school education in a rich learning environment, combining rigorous academics with hands-on real-world experiences. Read more to learn about CELC's program, which offers small classes and individualized attention.

Feng Shui and Maintenance of the Chakras
with Emotional Freedom Technique
By Diane Esposito

Feng Shui, with regard to the seven main chakras when combined with Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), is a process of integrating thoughts and habits that promote the flow of (+) energy while releasing those thoughts, habits and emotions that drain our energy.

JULY 2014

Joan Palmer Emphasizes Fundamentals of Sustainable Nutrition COMMUNITY SPOTLIGHT by Nicole Miale

The Institute of Sustainable Nutrition (TIOSN), housed at Holcomb Farm in West Granby, Connecticut, offers a one-year certification program in sustainable health and nutrition. Read about TIOSN's founder and director, Joan Palmer and the highly interactive and diverse curriculum of her weekend program (1 weekend per month).

Brain Reprogramming for Healthy Living by Kate Gorman

Learn about self- programming of the glia (SPG) — a specialized, eight-week treatment course, which teaches how to reprogram and direct 90 percent of your brain, the glial cells, in order to achieve optimum mental, emotional, spiritual and physical health.

MAY 2014

Naturopathy Sees the Whole Man, Not His Symptoms by Sergei Frenzel

Men's health issues are an emerging trend in integrative health care. In this article, naturopathic physician Sergei Frenzel discusses some symptoms experienced by men, which may indicate underlying health issues in unrecognized areas. Frenzel suggests that naturopathy offers an evidenced-based, customized approach to men's health, seeing the whole man, not just his symptoms.

APRIL 2014

Tai Chi & Qigong: Ancient Practices, Modern Healing by Lamont Thomas

This month, Tai Chi and Qigong practitioner & teacher, Lamont Thomas, shares some history & information on these art forms & invites Natural Awakenings' readers to World Tai Chi & Qigong Day, which will be held around the globe (including some local celebrations) on April 26. Join the fun & experience the benefits of these ancient healing arts!

MARCH 2014

Hartford Family Institute BUSINESS SPOTLIGHT by Colleen Brunetti

The Hartford Family Institute (HFI) offers a variety of holistic healing programs for anyone wanting to deepen their aliveness and experiences of pastoral counseling, energy healing, psychotherapy and/or human relations. Learn about their distinct, soulful training programs in this month's business spotlight.


Put the Ho Ho Ho into your Heart This Holiday by Susane O. Grasso

The heart chakra represents our ability to love ourselves and others. Just in time for the holiday season, local Reiki Practitioner Susane Grasso offers some fun and easy practices to balance the heart chakra, enhance relationships and bring joy and self acceptance into our hearts and lives.

Humanity is Awakening: Are You Ready? by Mother Clare Watts

Imagine our world if we focused on being compassionate and conscious, rather than having more and getting it faster… This month, Mother Clare Watts of Centers of Light delivers a message of urgency about the evolution of consciousness and the importance of creating healing spiritual communities.


Serenity Salon & Day Spa BUSINESS SPOTLIGHT by Nancy Cohen

"Day spas can offer respite from life's stresses. In this month's business spotlight, learn about Theresa Cipriani and the staff at Serenity Spa in Wallingford, who offer an array of services for hair and body, including cuts and color, mani/pedis, yoga classes, massage, waxing and much more..."


Positive Energy ("+ Energy") for the Depleted Soul:
Transform Distraction/Disorganization into Focus & Flow
by Diane Esposito

Do you ever feel distracted – wondering where you placed your keys or what you walked into the room to do? In this article, local healing practitioner Diane Esposito shares some ideas for shifting your energy in order to find your way to more "focus and flow."

P.T. Services of Guilford and Phyllis Quinn BUSINESS SPOTLIGHT by Nancy Cohen

Are you looking for a gentle, non-invasive way to alleviate pain without medication? Consider an appointment with this month's business spotlight team, Phyllis Quinn and her staff at Physical Therapy Services of Guilford. These physical therapists offer a variety of healing techniques and exercises for myriad issues from foot, back, neck & shoulder pain to Parkinson's and so much more.


The Institute Of Sustainable Nutrition:
Thousands of Years of Food Wisdom in Twelve Months!
by Nancy Cohen

The Institute of Sustainable Nutrition (TIOSN) is welcoming students for its innovative flagship certificate course in Sustainable Health and Nutrition (begins Sept.). Read this article to learn more about this one-year course (1 weekend/month), in which participants will garner knowledge of, and hands-on experience with, nutrition, soil, plants/herbs, food, and kitchen medicine—and how they're rooted to sustainable health.

Gaye Hyre and ArtBra NewHaven COMMUNITY SPOTLIGHT by Nancy Cohen

ArtBra New Haven combines creativity, hope, joy, community and philanthropy to help under-/un-insured cancer patients in Greater New Haven. The organization's annual fundraising event includes a runway show in which survivors and/or their supporters model hand-decorated bras, which are then auctioned along with artwork and other items. All proceeds go toward helping patients at Smilow's Cancer Center. Learn more about co-founder and current director, Gaye Hyre, and this inspiring event in this month's community spotlight.


Dr. Kristen Klie and Final Journeyby Nancy Cohen

Knowing death is certain for living beings does not ease heartache when a beloved pet becomes terminally ill. Dr. Kristen Klie of Final Journey, LLC offers the option of pet euthanasia with the aim of providing a gentle, peaceful transition and comfort for pets and owners during a sensitive time. In this month's business spotlight learn about her practice and the opening of her new holistic pet wellness center.

JULY 2013

From Cow-Pie to Clean Energy: Mitigating Methane on the Farmby Nancy Cohen

This month's spotlight shares information about how agricultural methane has been said to be a contributing factor to climate change and mentions some of the ways people are working on mitigating those effects (including some of Connecticut's farmers). Come join the conversation!

JUNE 2013

Meditation in Motionby Robert Michael

In his article, Meditation in Motion, Robert Michael of Tranquil Mountain Internal Arts writes about the healing arts of Qigong and TaiChiChuan. Practicing these methods for minutes each day can help ease the mind, relax and strengthen the body and offer the space for clarity, tranquility, serenity and joy.

MAY 2013

The Truth About Reiki and Reiki Training:
Tech Tips for Multitasking, iPod-toting Workaholics...
by Susane O. Grasso

Reiki energy healing has become recognized as another great option for well-being — physically, emotionally and spiritually. In this article, local Reiki Master Susane Grasso discusses the basics of this modality and how going for a treatment and/or obtaining Reiki training can help with navigating life's many tasks and stresses.

APRIL 2013

Green Yourself by Millie Grenough

To help "green the self" for health and sustainability, ex-nun turned nightclub singer, ex-shy Kentuckian turned international speaker, Millie Grenough offers tips for becoming your own Master Gardener in order to blossom more fully and find "an Oasis in the Overwhelm"of life.

Are You In Pain? by Dr. Anne Mitchell

Dr. Anne Mitchell discusses how chronic pain can originate from physical and/or emotional experiences. She mentions a plethora of possible avenues (including diet, Naturopathy and Homeopathy, bodywork and more) for remedying the chronic pain which, for many, may have initially seemed impossible to alleviate.

MARCH 2013


Whether or not you've heard about Love146, don't miss this community spotlight. Love146 is an organization working toward eliminating child sex trafficking throughout the world. With offices based in New Haven, Connecticut and London, England, the agency's far-reaching efforts offer a chance at hope and restoration for millions of children who have been rescued after being sold into sex slavery.

Peacemaking for Power: Mediating Your Divorce by Renee C. Bauer, Esq.

Are you, or is someone you know, considering a divorce? Be sure to read Local Attorney Renee Bauer's article about the value of mediation as a more peaceful, less stressful alternative for divorcing couples and their families.


Spencer Shapiro: Crafts4Charities COMMUNITY SPOTLIGHT by Nancy Cohen

"It takes each of us to make a difference for all of us." ~ Jackie Mutcheson | Connecticut teen Spencer Shapiro and his newly created organization, Crafts4Charities, the focus of this month's spotlight, exemplify how one person taking positive action can, indeed, make a huge difference. Read about Spencer and his work to help find a cure for Cystic Fibrosis, Alzheimer's, Cancer and Spinal Cord Injuries and be inspired!


Bariatric Associates of New England, LLC BUSINESS SPOTLIGHT by Nancy Cohen

Learn about local business, Bariatric Associates of New England, LLC. This practice, created by Drs. Robert and Loretta Tafuri, was named for the word of Greek origin, which means heavy, weighty or burdensome. The Tafuris offer programs and retail items for those seeking a drug-free medical weight loss program incorporating holistic nutrition and behavioral modification.


Kevin Healy: KC Chiropractic BUSINESS SPOTLIGHT by Nancy Cohen

This month, meet Dr. Kevin Healy of KC Chiropractic in Madison, CT, a chiropractor who practices Applied Kinesiology (AK). Taking a holistic view of wellness, Dr. Healy uses multiple modalities to enhance function and restore health.


Enchanted BUSINESS SPOTLIGHT by Nancy Cohen

Become enchanted by the array of offerings for body, mind and spirit in this month's spotlight focus. Enchanted, located in Guilford, is a new age store owned by the mother/daughter team of Roni Landino and Dawn Ross where anyone can explore all aspects of their spirituality. Offerings include meaningful gifts, classes, readings and spiritually uplifting events.


Thyme & Season Natural Food Market  by Nancy Cohen

This month's Business Spotlight focuses on Thyme & Season Natural Market (now celebrating 15 years). Owner Mary Ellen Stearman's journey to creating the market and the avenues to well-being offered in the store and community exemplify the value of local small businesses, healthy connections and our capacity for healing ourselves and each other.


The Hero's Journey and the Writing Process  by Leslie Cahill

In this month's local article, Leslie Cahill of The Graduate Institute discusses the concept of the Hero's Journey and its universality. She invites readers to consider the journey's relevance to the process of writing, especially when experienced in community.


Dr. Diana Lopusny BUSINESS SPOTLIGHT by Nancy Cohen

In the August spotlight we revisit (see original article in August 2009 issue) Dr. Diana Lopusny, a holistic pediatrician who is now celebrating three years in her local private practice, Preferred Pediatrics. Read about Dr. D's integrative approach to her work and her commitment to the health of her patients.

JULY 2012

Deb Marsden and CT Farm Fresh Express BUSINESS SPOTLIGHT by Nancy Cohen

The July Business Spotlight focuses on Deb Marsden and CT Farm Fresh Express, LLC, offering local, fresh foods and products to maintain your health while also supporting planetary sustainability. Deb aims to makes it easy and convenient to "bring the farm to your table" with deliveries of solely Connecticut-made or grown items of your choosing.

JUNE 2012

Smaller Classes Influence Student Success  by Melinda Alcosser

Research has shown that smaller class size can have positive impacts on children's learning and sense of self. This month, Melinda Alcosser examines some of the reasoning behind this thinking, which continues to inform her experience as co-founder and Educator at Connecticut Experiential Learning Center.

MAY 2012

Running in Circles  by Anne Garland

This month, Anne Garland (of Anne Garland Enterprises and the Idea Circle for Women) discusses the value of women's circles for life-long wellness. Women come together in these gatherings to share all aspects of life and offer support and community, which help enhance personal awareness and well-being (and, by extension, all relationships).

APRIL 2012

Heidi Sormaz, Owner of Fresh Yoga BUSINESS SPOTLIGHT by Nancy Cohen

Heidi Sormaz and Fresh Yoga are at the core of this month's business spotlight. Read about the multitude of class offerings at Fresh Yoga's two studios in New Haven (Erector Square and 9th Square). Heidi also shares how yogic practices helped her overcome challenging hurdles and find her way to holistic health. Drop in for a class and find the way that feels right for you to keep your own life fresh and balanced!

Ani Tirpan and Connecticut's First Annual
Vegetarian & Healthy Living Festival

Our community spotlight focuses on Ani Tirpan and The First Annual Connecticut Vegetarian and Healthy Eating Festival. Learn about this local salad dressing entrepreneur with a passion for doing good, and the energy and courage to act on those dreams. Find details about (and come to!) CT's First VegFest, chock full of guests, exhibits, & information for leading a healthier lifestyle.

MARCH 2012

Dharma Yoga with Tony Urbano BUSINESS SPOTLIGHT by Nancy Cohen

This month's Business Spotlight shines on Orange's Dharma Yoga and Owner Tony Urbano. Read about this comprehensive style of Yoga for all ages, which has inspired student comments about classes increasing strength/flexibility, inspiring positive shifts in emotions, helping with health issues and weight loss, and enabling deeper relaxation and a sense of being "more centered, peaceful and light, yet energized and focused."


Is Emotional Eating Sabotaging Your Weight Loss?  by Dr. Anne Mitchell, ND

Many people have, at some point, over-eaten to assuage the feelings from a difficult emotional experience. In this article, Dr. Anne Mitchell, ND (The Life Center), discusses emotional eating, or eating from a Hungry Heart, and offers empowering tips to enable movement toward a healthier sense of food and self.


Tapping for Health with Emotional Freedom Technique  by Nancy Cohen

Explore this introduction to Emotional Freedom Technique, or EFT, a healing modality that is being used increasingly around the globe as an easy, effective non-invasive technique to relieve most physical and emotional issues. Learn to heal only minutes a day by simply tapping on acupuncture meridians along the upper body while stating phrases relevant to your particular concerns. Give it a try!


What is Natural Awakenings Network
and the NAN Discount Card?
 by Nancy Cohen

Are you a business owner or practitioner wanting to increase the success of your business? An individual seeking well-being? A company or human resources department manager looking for a great way to show staff you value them while simultaneously increasing productivity and potentially saving on insurance costs? Turn to page 20 in the Dec. 2011 edition to learn about Natural Awakenings Network ( NAN® ) Discount Card and how you can sign up to be a Provider or Member today!

Sustainable New Haven/Middlesex Counties  by Nancy Cohen

All of us are impacted by the choices each individual makes regarding our natural resources. In this month's article on local sustainability, Nancy Cohen discusses some of the myriad (and often simple) ways you can take part in enhancing the health of our personal, communal and global environments and protecting valuable resources.


Life Between Lives Regression  by Maria C. Castillo

Maria C. Castillo, LCSW, a licensed psychotherapist certified in hypnosis and Past Life Regression offers information about hypnotic regression as a means to self-discovery, transformation, and healing. In particular, she shares about Life Between Lives, a form of hypnotherapy in which clients are said to journey into the spirit world and gain deeper understanding of themselves as a spiritual entity, an immortal soul in corporeal form.

Add a Peaceful Yogic Tradition To Your Holiday  by Lara Azzarito Ward

Natural Awakenings aims to offer a rich variety of information throughout the year so you, dear readers, can have fun finding your way to a deeper, long-lasting sense of well-being. This month, Lara Ward, yoga teacher and founder of Lotus Gardens Yoga School, offers an easy and fun tip for relaxing with loved ones over the holidays. Enjoy following your deep breathing to your heart's content!


When Nature is the Best Therapist  by Craig Chalquist, PhD

Dr. Chalquist writes about the field of Ecotherapy, work which facilitates and nurtures healing and growth through respectful interaction with the earth. His approach invites a new perspective concerning our selves and our world.


Emotional Cleansing  by Dr. Funda Gulman

Local Naturopathic Doctor Funda Gulmen explores the healing aspects of emotional cleansing and offers ways to become aware of, and release the negative emotions which can prevent many of us from leading the lives we desire.


Lisa Burton-Smith: Spreading Joy in Children & Adults COMMUNITY SPOTLIGHT by Nancy Cohen

This month's spotlight shines on Educator Lisa Burton-Smith, creator of TheOneJoy.com, who is passionate about nurturing joy in our lives and relationships. Read about Ms. Burton-Smith's programs and some techniques she uses with children and adults that encourage the expansion of emotional intelligence.

JULY 2011

Patti Hartman: Cleansing from Inside Out COMMUNITY SPOTLIGHT by Nancy Cohen

Feeling bloated and sluggish? Meet local Colon Hydrotherapist Patti Hartman and learn more about her practice and this therapy, which aims to cleanse, maintain and restore the body's colon (large intestine) health. A holistic nutritionist, Patti also works with clients to review whole body health by integrating discussion about nutrition, hydration, and other components of well-being into her sessions.

JUNE 2011

Jody Grose: Return to the Fire COMMUNITY SPOTLIGHT by Nancy Cohen

The men's wellness Community Spotlight shines on Jody Grose, men's group leader and founder of Return to the Fire. Jody leads outdoor adventures, workshops and groups, offering a safe, supportive environment in which men can connect and explore all aspects of self. Learn more about his own journey and opportunities for men to find camaraderie, peacefulness and balance while shedding culturally confining ideas of who they "should" be and, instead, discovering and valuing their authentic nature.

MAY 2011

The Aim of Yoga... Meditation, the Key to a Peaceful Mind  by Virna Lisa

Virna Lisa, Owner and Director of Eco Yoga in Durham, CT, explores some of the philosophy behind yoga and how it was originally used as a gateway for meditation and higher consciousness. She also offers resources and tips for integrating a meditation practice into your life so you can feel healthier.

APRIL 2011

Arlene Boulet: Everlastings  by Nancy Cohen

Meet Arlene Bouley, the owner of Everlastings, a Madison salon and spa devoted to organic and holistic hair styling and body treatments. Arlene combined 25+ years experience in the beauty industry with knowledge garnered from cancer survivorship to open this health-oriented salon nearly a year ago.

The Energy Exchange Evolution COMMUNITY SPOTLIGHT by Diane Esposito

Diane Esposito, local Reiki Master Teacher and Holistic Coach, shares about The Energy Exchange Evolution, her term for transforming ourselves by focusing our energy and embracing choices to give and receive in healing, empowering, loving ways. Learn how having a mindful exchange of energy based on love, rather than fear, can shift resistance and pain to joy and healing.

MARCH 2011

Marlene DeSanto: Yoga Pioneer / Total Health Center Yoga COMMUNITY SPOTLIGHT by Nancy Cohen

Meet Marlene DeSanto, a yoga teacher in Guilford who began her practice over 45 years ago. Read about what yoga in this area was like in the 1960's and how it has been a comforting, guiding health force in Marlene's life. Learn how to age delightfully from this local yoga pioneer.


Thinking About Forgiveness  by Nancy Cohen

Most of us see the ability to forgive as something positive, but may not consider it a healing modality, a means to our well-being. Yet it is! Discover ways to disentangle yourself from the past’s stranglehold on thoughts, emotions, time, relationships and wellness. Release old resentments and open to a more vital, healthy you!

Mark Zarrillo: Drummer / Drum Circle Facilitator COMMUNITY SPOTLIGHT by Nancy Cohen

Make the acquaintance of local drum circle facilitator, Mark Zarrillo, and enter a world of discovery and self expression through percussion, musical dialogue and fun connection. No experience necessary. Drumming can be an adventure, retreat, a means for finding your power and inner voice. Experience the world through “new” ears and eyes. Join Mark and others and drum to your heart’s content (and health!).


Every Body is Different: Weight Loss & Wellness  by Anne Mitchell, ND

Naturopathic Physician Dr. Anne Mitchell shares information about achieving weight loss and wellness through the Metabolic Typing Diet. Metabolic typing bases whole food nutrition plans (ratios of carbohydrates to proteins to fats) on an individual's genetic type. It also considers lifestyle, attitudes toward food, and shopping healthfully. A lifestyle rather than just a diet...

Karen Gomez: We Are The Ones Wellness & Coaching COMMUNITY SPOTLIGHT by Nancy Cohen

Meet Karen Gomez, a local yoga teacher, wellness and inspirational living coach for individuals and businesses. Karen sees it as key to personal well-being that we each find inspiration in our lives, and, as a result, we can all access our leadership capability and inspire each other to create a better world.


The Rock GardenCOMMUNITY SPOTLIGHT by Nancy Cohen

Learn about this small local business in Branford which offers an array of gift items including jewelry and jewelry-making supplies, books, crafts, herbs, fossils, crystals, minerals and gemstones which can beautify environments and bring the peacefulness and pleasure of nature into your home.


SolAmor Hospice COMMUNITY SPOTLIGHT by Nancy Cohen

The philosophy of Hospice care involves ensuring quality of life at the end of life, and offering support, comfort, and resources to dying patients, caregivers, family and friends. Learn about Milford's SolAmor Hospice and ways it provides compassionate care for those coping with their own or a loved one's death.


Let Your Yoga Dance®  by Andrea Cashman

Local Let Your Yoga Dance Instructor Andrea Cashman introduces this approach to movement combining yoga, breath-based practice, dance, and rhythms set to music from diverse cultures. She discusses how this work also helps bring joy and healing to “special populations,” those with physical limitations for whom activity may be a challenge.

David Fugge: "The Furniture Man"COMMUNITY SPOTLIGHT by Nancy Cohen

Journey into a world blending old and new with this introduction to antique furniture restoration craftsman, David “The Furniture Man” Fugge of Durham, CT. Discover David’s approach to conservation, which may inspire your own reminiscence, offering new perspective on furniture’s value and meaning. Additionally, learn how furniture preservation affects environmental sustainability (reducing, reusing, recycling).


Holism and the Personal Lens  by James P. Longo

Discussing a holistic approach to creative learning, James P. Longo considers six aspects of perception ("personal lenses") through which each individual filters experience, finds meaning, and forms their world view. He concludes that understanding the concept of these personal lenses helps us better understand our selves and each other, thereby enhancing the richness of life.

Expressing Creativity with Mary Lachman and Robin McCahillCOMMUNITY SPOTLIGHT by Nancy Cohen

Meet local artists Mary Lachman and Robin McCahill and learn about their perspectives on creative expression, experiences with innovation from youth through adulthood, the role creativity can play in all of our lives, and advice for exploring your own original path for healing, celebration, and dealing with the stuff of life.


Spreading Joy One Child at a Time  by Lani Rosen-Gallagher

Children's yoga teacher, Lani Rosen-Gallagher, explains the benefits of introducing yoga early on in life. She describes exercises for each age group and shares some ways she's discovered to help kids increase self-awareness, reduce stress, and enhance physical well-being, all while experiencing and spreading a sense of joy.

Two Coyotes Wilderness School COMMUNITY SPOTLIGHT by Nancy Cohen

Justin Pegnataro, director of Two Coyotes Wilderness School, shares information about the local non-profit organization's dedication to nurturing healthy, whole human beings through building self-awareness, community, and connecting people to nature.

JULY 2010

Global Peace Through Personal Peace  by Natalie Kaharick

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, spiritual leader, humanitarian and founder of the Art of Living Foundation, shares his vision of creating a violence-free, stress-free society.

Peridontal Disease and Your Whole Body Health by Mark A. Breiner, DDS

Local holistic dentist, Dr. Mark Breiner, provides information about periodontal disease and how vital it is to maintain a healthy mouth as part of the whole body's overall wellness.

JUNE 2010

Leif Becker: Breaking Barriers with Holistic Martial ArtsCOMMUNITY SPOTLIGHT by Nancy Cohen

Meet local Tang Soo Do artist, Leif, a world record holder who offers ways to break through personal limitations using his experience in martial arts as metaphor for overcoming life’s challenges.

MAY 2010

HypnoBirthing  by Kate Sullivan-Berg

Kate, a HypnoBirthing educator, doula, and student midwife, shares information about a form of labor and childbirth preparation created to help women and their partners use their natural instincts to experience greater ease and relaxation.

Reflexology: Healing From the Feet Up by Linda Clifford

Linda explains the ancient art and science of reflexology, a form of bodywork said to be beneficial for easing pain and symptoms from a variety of stresses and disease.

APRIL 2010

Active Wellness Works  by Nancy Cohen

It’s no secret exercise is essential for vitality and vibrancy. Christina and Drew, owners of Active Wellness Work, discuss tips for choosing an exercise regimen that will fit your current body type, skill level, lifestyle and goals.

Anne Mitchell, ND  COMMUNITY SPOTLIGHT by Nancy Cohen

An introduction to Greater New Haven Naturopathic Physician, Dr. Anne Mitchell, who utilizes myriad techniques to help individuals facilitate change, achieve greater life balance, and find healing from all manner of discomfort and illness.

Vitamin D: The New Miracle Nutrient  by Barry Kendler, PhD

Dr. Barry S. Kendler, B.S., M.S., Ph.D., a Professor of Nutrition at the University of Bridgeport’s Human Nutrition Institute discusses how maintaining optimal levels of vitamin D helps stave off illness and sustain health.

MARCH 2010

Lara Azzarito Ward  COMMUNITY SPOTLIGHT by Nancy Cohen

Lara Azzarito Ward, Founder and Director of Lotus Gardens Yoga School, offers insights into the healing practice of yoga, how to find an instructor, and/or how to become a yoga teacher.


This Valentine's Day, Be Good To Your Heart  by Lisa Zola

Local Clinical Nutritionist Lisa Zola helps readers find ways to nourish their hearts physically, emotionally, and spiritually in order to achieve optimal health.


Manifesting in the New Year  by Gayle Francheschetti

Gayle offers basic steps that anyone can use at any time to reflect upon their dreams and desires and consciously create reality.

Dietary Protein & Bone Health: A New View
by Karl Insogna, MD, Rebecca Sullivan, M.S., R.D., Anne Kenny, MD, & Jane Kerstetter

Researchers from Yale University and the University of Connecticut are seeking alternative, safe and effective therapies for the prevention of bone diseases such as osteopenia and osteoporosis. Learn about the findings from their initial team study regarding the effect of dietary protein on bone health.


Shifting Your Focus to Love  by Lin Hourihan

Shamballa Master Teacher Lin Hourihan reflects on ways to transform thinking to raise consciousness and make decisions that will lead to a more loving, fulfilling life.

Savvy Tea Gourmet  COMMUNITY SPOTLIGHT by Nancy Cohen

On a mission to create “the most savvy tea community in the country,” Philip Parda and Judy Guard travel the world hand-selecting specialty teas for their local shop which offers an array of flavorful healing teas, gourmet foods and activities.


Dr. Artemis Morris  COMMUNITY SPOTLIGHT by Nancy Cohen

The spotlight focuses on the healing approaches and offerings of Naturopathic Physician, Dr. Artemis Morris, and the caregiving team at Revive Wellness Center.


Chris Gaunya  COMMUNITY SPOTLIGHT by Nancy Cohen

Read about Chris, an acupuncturist, his journey to this healing modality, and basic information about appointments and/or choosing this career for your self.

Therapeutic Massage for Children & Teenagers  by Ingrid Staecker

Ingrid shares how massage can be beneficial for children and adolescents, and what to expect at massage appointments for different age groups.


Jill Butler  COMMUNITY SPOTLIGHT by Nancy Cohen

Jill, a self-taught artist, illustrator, designer and creativity coach, followed her heart to become an artist, and uses creativity to enjoy life and expand perspective. Includes her distinctive Birds ‘n words quotes and suggestions for opening to your own creative expression.


Diana “Dr. D” Lopusny  COMMUNITY SPOTLIGHT by Nancy Cohen

An introduction to spirited pediatrician, “Dr. D”, whose family-oriented services include integrating naturopathic and traditional medicine for disease prevention, diagnosis and treatment.

The Wisdom of Letting Fever Run Its Course  by Leigh White, N.D.

Dr. White discusses the physiology of fever and identifies some natural therapies that can be used to minimize a feverish child’s discomfort and help achieve healing.